Pushing Weight is a product of Slickerthanmost Applications. We are an applications company with a mission to produce great products to simplify and enrich peoples life.
Pushing Weight comes preloaded with only the best of the classic exercises. Any exercise you choose to do, you can log straight away without prearranging a workout session in advance.

The log also shows you your previous logged session as you’re logging the next set. This pushes you to go for heavier weights or more reps for faster improvement. You should be able to see a small improvement pretty much for every workout session you do.
Supports plotting your 1-rep-max*, average weight per set, average reps per set, minutes or the number of times you’ve done an exercise, displayed for the last 4 weeks to 1 year back in time.
Logging workouts.
Planning workouts.
Routine is the enemy!

Variation is key for long term fitness improvement. Continuously surprising your body and increasing the workload makes your body react - not getting stuck in old routines. And for that purpose a workout log is invaluable. Pushing Weight visualizes your workout patterns so that you know when you’re on the right track, no matter what workout regime you’re on.
The rest, we leave up to you.

Plan without planning.

Get assistance when you get out-of-synch with your routine. Pushing Weight does this by keeping track of what you’ve been neglecting and what could use some rest. Just have a quick look at the charge bars in your log when unsure of what to train today.
* 1-rep-max is a measure of how much weight you should be capable of lifting one repetition. It’s calculated on your logged statistics and is surprisingly accurate.
Stay hungry.

In periods of frequent training you’re awarded with streaks that wear of with time, indicated by one dot per workout in succession. Keep your streaks up by never letting the charge bars drop to zero.
Just install and start it up and you’re done. No registration is needed, it all works offline and it comes pre-loaded with only the best of the classic exercises. Of course you are free to add in your favourite ones as well. Supports Lbs as well as Kg.

Ready Out-of-the-Box.
Important for updaters to new version from 1.5 version!

Aug 14th 2012

A problem has come to our attention that some of you that is updating from the 1.5 version might encounter. If you can’t log more than 10 reps of an exercise and you don’t see your workout history then you should read on, you can fix this yourself. An update with a proper fix has been shipped to the App Store for review.

What’s causing the problem is that no workout type has been set for that exercise. Once you specify a workout type, the problem goes away. So here’s how to set a workout type for an exercise:

Open an exercise list where there is exercises that doesn’t work properly
Make sure that the LOG for this current date is DELETED or this will not work. Tap the ’. . .’ button at the bottom so that the rows spin around
Tap the little illustration on the left of the row.
Choose a workout type.

That should take care of it. We apologize for this inconvinience 

And again, a proper fix is on the way!

/// PW Team
”Pushing Weight helps you track your workout routines with a simple, well-designed interface”
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